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Czech Expo 2020 Business Council
March 19, 2018

GCC construction projects reach more than $ 2tn

Construction industry is the largest industry that boasts $ 1tn in large and small projects. Transport industry is the second - $ 447 billion. Energy sector is in third place at approximately $ 224 billion. These data come from MEED projects and were reported in the Deloitte report.

GCC construction projects reach more than $ 2tn

Head of Deloitte Middle East, said: "Regional project work will be estimated at more than $ 2t, according to a MEED survey.
Dubai will continue to be the market for the basic infrastructure needed to achieve the success of Expo 2020, with several large-scale projects being completed in Saudi Arabia for the foreseeable future. For these projects, funds must be clearly allocated to each project, and projects should be evaluated in terms of their feasibility and overall living costs to ensure that these investments can deliver the required return on investment and be built for adequate capital.

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