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October 13, 2017

UAE Cabinet approves new tax collection fines and fees

Fines for failure to pay tax and fees for registration certificates have been outlined.

UAE Cabinet approves new tax collection fines and fees

The UAE’s Cabinet has approved new fines and fees rates related to tax collection in the country.

The announcement follows the implementation of an excise tax rate of 50 per cent on soft drinks and 100 per cent on energy drinks and tobacco products on Sunday. 

The country will also implement a 5 per cent value added tax rate on January 1 next year.

Under the new rules, the penalty for those that fail to pay tax is no less than Dhs 500 ($136) and no more than triple the value of the tax on the transaction in question.

Should the company or person settle the fine they must also pay the tax owed. However, they can appeal any administrative penalties incurred.

Fees for services provide by the Federal Tax Authority have also been outlined. 

Tax registration services and the issuance of an electronic tax registration certificate will be free but an attested paper registration certificate will cost Dhs 500.

Registration and renewal fees for tax agents have been set at Dhs 3,000 ($817) for three years.

For accounting software providers the registration and renewal fee is Dhs 10,000 ($2,723) for one year and registering a designated zone will cost Dhs 2,000 ($545) per year.

There are no fees associated with registering a warehouse keeper or issuing an electronic warehouse keeper registration certificate but an official printed certificate will cost Dhs 500.

“These decisions bring an added layer of transparency to the Authority’s relationship with its customers,” said HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and UAE minister of finance. “This, in turn, provides extra incentive for stakeholders and all concerned parties to abide by tax regulations.”

“All customers can refer to the official Directory of Services Fees to know what is required of them to be in compliance with tax procedures.”

Preliminary estimates suggest the excise tax will add Dhs 7bn ($1.9bn) a year to the state budget.